Dr. Vera Weil

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with O. Schaudt:
On bounding the difference between the maximum degree and the chromatic number by a constant
Discrete Applied Mathematics 231, pp. 228-234 (2017).

with O. Schaudt:
On Bounding the Difference of the Maximum Degree and the Clique Number
Graphs and Combinatorics 31 (5), pp. 1689-1702 (2015).

On cliques, colorings, and the maximum degree in graphs
Dissertation, University of Cologne (2015).

with O. Schaudt and R. Schrader:
On the separability of graphs
Discrete Mathematics 313 (6), pp. 809-820 (2013).



A note on Reed's Conjecture about ω, Δ and χ with respect to vertices of high degree
submitted to Discrete Mathematics (2016).


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