Efficient algorithms in game theory, optimization and data science


October 1-2, 2015, RWTH Aachen

We are happy to announce the workshop "Efficient algorithms in game theory, optimization and data science" on the first and second of October 2015. Invited speakers are

  • Flavia Bonomo (Universidad de Buenos Aires),
  • Daniel Dadush (CWI Amsterdam),
  • Matthias Englert (University of Warwick),
  • Sam Fiorini (Université libre de Bruxelles),
  • Jochen Könemann (University of Waterloo),
  • Jannik Matuschke (TU Berlin),
  • Gianpaolo Oriolo (Universita di Tor Vergata, Rome),
  • Guido Schäfer (CWI Amsterdam), and
  • Christian Sohler (TU Dortmund).

Additionally, there will be 6-8 selected talks by young researchers from the area Aachen-Bonn-Cologne.

The workshop starts at 9.00am on Thursday and ends 4.15pm on Friday. A detailed program can be found here.



Participation is free of charge. For organizational purposes, please register here if you plan to attend.

If you need further information or suggestions for accommodation please contact dina.hermanns@oms.rwth-aachen.de .



The workshop "Efficient algorithms in game theory, optimization and data science" takes place at Couven Halle of RWTH Aachen University. The venue is located at Kármánstr. 17-19, 52062 Aachen (see here).



The workshop is jointly organized by

  • Britta Peis (Management Science, RWTH Aachen University),
  • Heiko Röglin (Theoretical Computer Science, University of Bonn)
  • Oliver Schaudt (Computer Science, University of Cologne), and
  • Frank Vallentin (Optimization, Geometry and Discrete Mathematics, University of Cologne).