Corinna Gottschalk, M. Sc.

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with A. M. C. A. Koster, F. Liers, B. Peis, D. Schmand and A. Wierz:
Robust Flows over Time: Models and Complexity Results
Mathematical Programming, pp. 1-31 (2016).

with J. Vygen:
Better s-t-Tours by Gao Trees
Proceedings of the 18th Conference on Integer Programming and Combinatorial Optimization (IPCO), pp. 126 - 137 (2016).

with H. Lüthen , B. Peis, and A. Wierz :
Optimization Problems with Color-Induced Budget Constraints
Proceedings of the 4th International Symposium on Combinatorial Optimization

with B. Peis:
Submodular Function Maximization on the Bounded Integer Lattice
Proceedings of the 13th Workshop on Approximation and Online Algorithms (WAOA), pp. 133 - 144 (2015).



with K. Chandrasekaran, J. Könemann, B. Peis, D. Schmand, and A. Wierz:
Additive Stabilizers for Unstable Graphs
preprint (2016).


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