Workshop on Integer and Combinatorial Optimization



Wednesday, March 11
Time Speaker Title
1:30pm Registration
2:00pm Laura Sanità, Eindhoven University On the diameter and the circuit-diameter of a polytope
2:50pm Sarah Morell, TU Berlin Single source unsplittable flows with arc-wise lower and upper bounds
3:10pm Dominik Kamp, Bayreuth University Models for determining optimal safety stocks in multi-echelon inventory systems with outsourcing options
3:30pm Coffee Break (lounge in 4th floor)
4:00pm Melanie Schmidt, Cologne University Approximation Algorithms for Clustering with Side Constraints
4:50pm Tabea Krabs, RWTH Aachen Minimum Color-Degree Perfect \(b\)-Matching Problem
5:10pm Coffee Break
5:20pm Jannik Matuschke, KU Leuven Rounding Assignment LPs for Load-Balancing in Scheduling and Beyond
6:10pm Daniele Catanzaro, Louvain University On the Balanced Minimum Evolution Polytope
6:30pm Break
8:00pm Dinner

Thursday, March 12
Time Speaker Title
9:00am Sebastian Pokutta, TU Berlin + ZIB Discrete Optimization in Machine Learning
9:50am Discussion on promising research directions at intersection of Machine Learning and Discrete Optimization
10:30am Coffee Break (lounge in 4th floor)
11:00am Vera Traub, Bonn University Reducing Path TSP to TSP
11:50am Johannes Thürauf, Nürnberg University Radius of Robust Feasibility for Mixed-Integer Problems
12:10pm Felix Hommelsheim, TU Dortmund Flexible Graph Connectivity: Approximating Network Design Problems Between 1- and 2-connectivity
12:30pm Lunch Break (choose your restaurant)
2:30pm Tim Oosterwijk, Maastricht University Flows over Time and Dynamic Equilibria
2:50pm Thomas Rothvoss, Washington University Discrepancy Theory: Algorithms and Applications
3:40pm Matthias Walter, Twente University Persistency for Linear Programming Relaxations for the Stable Set Problem